Looking for Partner for scientific research on the correlation of different blood types (0,A,B,AB) between mother/daughter and Anorexia of the Female Adolescent

We are looking for a Scientific Partner (e.g., a Research Institute) and/or a Sponsor Investor for this scientific research. An example of preventive and predictive medicine is the new theory by Dr. Bracco on Anorexia of the Female Adolescent formulated in his book “ANOREXIA. The Real Causes: Blood Types and Trauma”. This specific type of anorexia begins within a limited period of time after menarche and is characterized by weight loss and loss of the menstrual cycle for more than three months. In short, according to Bracco, in addition to the psychological causes of the girl and existential ones of the family, this type of anorexia requires a specific biological condition: “A different blood type between mother and daughter (0, A, B, AB) + traumatic contact of blood between the two during pregnancy and/or birth”. This biological condition is necessary but not sufficient (conditio sine qua non) for the onset of Anorexia of the Female Adolescent. When this theory is confirmed, it will allow all physicians to make an early diagnosis of anorexia. In fact, the “group at risk of anorexia” to be monitored is reduced to a small percentage of adolescent girls: only those with a blood type different from that of the mother. Because the late diagnosis is the main cause of death, this new perspective will save many lives, avoid much suffering for girls and their families and also reduce the consequences (for example, osteoporosis). Dr. Bracco is very confident that a scientific research will confirm his theory, because during 25 years of medical profession he has collected more than a hundred cases of Anorexia of the Female Adolescent that confirm his theory. This scientific research consists of checking the blood type of the mother and the daughter, who suffers from Anorexia of the Female Adolescent, and checking the blood type of the control group of mother and daughter, who does not suffer from eating disorders. Compared with many other scientific researches, this one can be considered low-cost. With little money, a Scientific Partner (e.g., a Research Institute) and/or a Sponsor Investor can participate in a potentially significant research.

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