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Lorenzo Bracco MD. Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, “Diplôme de Université Paris VII” in Clinical Option of Tropical Pathology and Epidemiology, Psychotherapist, Scientific Director of Lorenzo Bracco Foundation.

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Abstract: The suggestion to homeopathic doctors is to evaluate the introduction into their practice with Covid-19 patients (when respiratory symptoms appear) of the Sundew in homeopathic dosage, for example 5CH.

Keywords: Covid-19, Sundew, Homeopathy, Cough, Dyspnea


A well-known Italian microbiologist and virologist said that homeopathy does nothing, but it costs. This at least is a declaration of the non-toxicity of homeopathy. About Covid-19, our categorical imperative to scrupulously comply with treatments that have an official character is very clear. However, if we want to practice a 4P Medicine, today mandatory, which therefore also has the characteristic of being Participatory Medicine – that medicine that manages to involve all the patient’s resources – why to deny him things that fall within his vision and interpretation of the world, such as homeopathy? These things could be able to activate in the patient vital resources that depend on his cultural, historical and interpretative heritage of reality.

Homeopathy (from the Greek ὅμοιος, òmoios, “like” and πάθος, pàthos, “suffering”) is an alternative medicine based on the principle similia similibus curantur, “the similar are treated by the similar”1. According to this statement – without a scientific basis for official medicine – the appropriate remedy for a given disease would be given by that substance which, in a healthy person, induces symptoms similar to those observed in the sick person. This substance or “homeopathic principle” is dynamized and diluted numerous times and the dilution measure is defined as “potency”2and administered to the patient.

With the symptoms of Covid-19 there could be a correspondence – even if partial, lacking the anosmia – with the Sundew3in homeopathic dosage whose indication is: dry, violent, spasmodic cough, feeling of tightness of the chest that improves with the pressure of the hands-on the ribs or in the prone position, pains of muscles and joints such as bruises, inflammatory arthritis, rheumatism.

Furthermore, in the idea of the similia similibus curantur, it is very interesting to see the image of the leaf of Sundew and that of Virus Covid-19.

The suggestion to homeopathic doctors is to evaluate the introduction of Sundew in homeopathic dosage, for example 5CH, into their practice with Covid-19 patients (when respiratory symptoms appear).


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14 May 2020

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