4/15 IIC Los Angeles Events “Anorexia The Real Causes: Blood Types and Trauma”


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A conversation with the author – in Italian only

Dr. Lorenzo Bracco’s “Anorexia, The Real Causes”, which in 2013 received in Italy the Cesare Pavese Award for nonfiction medical writing, presents leading-edge innovative solutions for the understanding and cure of a pathology that is steadily growing in today’s world. In a first step for developing an effective therapy aimed at treating this profound existential disease, Dr. Bracco takes a new look at the real causes of this disorder. To understand anorexia, it is necessary to distinguish between its two types: anorexia that can arise at any age in both men and women, and anorexia occurring in adolescent girls. It is also important to take into account the now widely recognized fact that several concurrent causes trigger the onset of anorexia and eating disorders—primary among them are prenatal intrauterine traumas and traumas in the first months of life.

The author will present his book and will take part into a conversation with journalist Dario Voltolini, moderated by Bruno Conti, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular and Integrative Neurosciences at the Scripps Research Institute.

Please note: the presentation will be in Italian.
The book is available on Amazon:
Here (in English)
Here (in Italian)

Part of the IIC special program dedicated to EXPO Milan 2015


Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hours: 6.30 PM

Venue: IIC

Organized by: IIC